Dr. Hanna Kraus

Dr Hanna Kraus grew up in southern Germany together with horses and dogs. Her formation as a rider included internships at prestigious training stables for classical dressage. In the course of many years, she worked with Marc de Broissia, Egon von Neindorff and numerous other trainers in Germany, Italy, Austria and Norway. She concluded her trainer education at the federal performance center for equestrian sport at Vechta, and is a licensed trainer by the German Olympic sport committee. Out of her deep interest for animals in general, she studied biology and worked for more than 10 years as a researcher on muscles and nervous systems. Through her scientific formation, she developed a deep understanding for animal physiology, behaviour and learning. These insights strongly influence her integrative training approach with horses.

“In my training, I strongly focus on the horse with its physiological and psychological needs. In a dialogue with the rider, we analyse the status quo and determine specific goals of the individual horse and rider pair. We thoroughly analyse the asymmetries in the horse and rider system and subsequently develop specific exercises to increase body awareness, balance, suppleness and strength. My aim is to obtain motivated, athletic and happy horses, who are able to perform their tasks in lightness. To do this, I use a combination of ridden exercises, classical groundwork, lounging over cavalletti and sometimes trick training.Under my training, riders have in the last few years celebrated successes up to Intermediaire 2 level. Kirsten Vik won gold at the Norwegian championships in 2021 and gold at the indoor championships in 21 and 22. With her horse Peppermint, she had in total 21 victories in the season of 2021 up to Intermediaire 2/VA, along with an international start at Blue Horse in Denmark. Two other riders have achieved placements and victories up to Intermediaire 2 level in the past two seasons. My Junior riders have been very successful up to MC in dressage and 1.10m in showjumping. I am also teaching weekend courses and workshops in Norway and Europe.“

Horses of all breeds and riders of all levels are welcome! Training will be in either English or German.